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Electric motors for boats

Powerful and reliable, compact and quiet.

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Owner of Carter 30
Nigel Waller
Owner of Carter 30

“Lightning Craft provided me with the ideal engine solution, fulfilling my requirements with range, power and solar recharging. An absolute pleasure to deal with this company”

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Carter 30
Direct Drive 20

Our most powerful production motor, ever

Liquid cooling allows our direct drive motor range to be the most efficient we produce. Selected and designed for new-builds and conversions they provide clean and quiet performance with characteristically high torque.

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Our *most powerful* production motor, ever

Motors to suit your boat

Our electric inboard motor kits come in a few difference sizes and motor types, to pick a power rating below to find the one that is right for you. You'll find electric motors for small boats and large boats, so take your pick.
Power rating

For dayboards and smaller yacht diesel inboards


Narrow boats up to 60ft with 10Kw. (or full wide beams using 20Kw)


Wide-beam canal boats, heavy workboat launches and large yachts.

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Belt Drive 5
Belt Drive

5kW belt drive 48V DC electric motor for boats. Ideal in small yachts and launches, day boats and light duty work boats

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Image of the motor
Direct Drive 5
Direct Drive

5kW high torque 48V DC inboard electric boat motor for sailing and power vessels, narrowboats and wide beams

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Canal Drive 5
Canal Drive

5kW 48V DC electric motor and stern tube propulsion for canal boats and steel hulls

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Converted Builds

Explore some of our previous clients boats, and see the difference moving to electric has made.

Carter 30

10kW Sail Drive
This 30ft sailing yacht originally fitted with a diesel sail drive leg, needed new propulsion as the old engine was no longer an option.
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Boat image

River Speed Boat

15kW Belt Drive 10 custom
This 1950’s 4 meter wooden speed boat was built with a 10hp Ford side valve engine. But years gone by has seen the engine become uneconomical to repair.
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Boat image

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my motor last?

These motors are used in industrial applications and are rated for extremely high run times, in most marine applications and usage, motors can be expected to last for decades if treated correctly.

Can I re-gen?

Our controllers can be programmed for re-gen charging when sailing with a variable output. There are different factors when understanding the re-gen capabilities. High sustained hull speeds are required to get any real benefit from re-gen, so ocean crossings and extended cruising is ideal. Re-gen will sacrifice some boat speed when engaged.

How far can I go on a full charge?

Hugely dependable on the system spec and environmental conditions. To calculate this figure, we will need to know the motor, battery capacity, type and spec of the vessel and intended use.

About us

Ready to install kits provides a complete bolt-in system ready for self-install into your vessel. We have carefully chosen, tested, and check each component to ensure performance and reliability.

Headshot of Josh Masters
Josh Masters


Growing up on the East Coast of England in a sailing family, boats and everything on the water came naturally to me. From traditional sailing, dinghy racing and the endless fascination of moving water. It's no surprise that my path lead me here.

Training initially as a marine diesel engineer, I began to question the longevity of the fuel source and try to imaging the next few decades. I began work on the new type of propulsion, an interesting path of discovery, disaster, delight and endless learning lead me to where Lightning Craft is today.

With our products and expertise, making the change to electric has never been more available.

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